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My Subaru Impreza WRX History

July 2002:

Pickup my Subaru MY1996 Impreza WRX

My Subaru Impreza WRX in original Form

September 7 2002:

Fitted Cibie Oscar Driving Lights.

September 29 2002:

Fitted Eibach Springs and new KYB Shocks to replace the rock hard jap springs that came with the car.

January 1 2003:

Tyre Problems - A massive egg appeared in one of the tyres. Pain in the bum as i had the car booked in for a new set of tyres to be fitted at power station.

Deformed impreza Tyre

February 2 2003:

Trip to Power Station for geometry setup, Toyo T1s Tyres and the bump steer mod.

March 2003:

Fitted Gauges (AFR, Boost Gauge and Oil Pressure) and smoked side repeaters with my brother (Josh)

January 15 2004:

Dad and I fitted the exhaust and an AP Organic Clutch. Was a long and painful job.

February 15 2004:

The scoob developed a water leek which ended up being a leaky radiator. A New Radiator and blue Samco water hose kit was fitted.

April 5 2004:

Back up to Power Station for geometry setup, Whiteline Drop links and Whiteline anti roll bar.

June 2004

Remap to 16.5psi by Dave Blades

July 31 2004

Broken Gearbox :(

September 2004

New Gearbox fitted by Critchlows but car had clutch problems after fitting.

January 17 2005

Barry Snow at Calbourne garage fixed bent thrust bearing and ABS

Feb 1 2005

Forge header tank fitted

February 2 2005

I broke the second Gearbox!!!

March 2005

fitted some 18in Arospeed riots. They looked good but after a few months or running with them i found them to be to heavy and the build quality was Rubish. I Ran them untill the set of tired used and then put the 16's back on. The Clasic Scoob just isn't designed for 18" alloys of that weight.

My Subaru Impreza WRX With Arospeed Riot Alloys

March 2005

Lexus Style rear lights fitted

April 2 2005

New Gearbox fitted by Barry Snow at Calbourne garage but was broken!! 4th Gearbox sourced the same day and fitted. Barry Worked all weekend to get it sorted for me!

May 19 2005

Sprayed the scuff on the bumper for John and Kerrie's Wedding.

Feb 22 2006

Managed to get hold of an sti 2 high level spoiler from a friend. Also Recived my new 17" anthracite Rota redline Alloy. These are great quality and much lighter than the Riots i had a few months back. Ready for the new brakes now!! !!!!!Subaru pic here!!!!!

My Subaru Impreza WRX with Sti 2 High level spoiler and Rota Redline Alloys

July 2006

The AP Cluch we had fitted had decided to shread its self to bits. Acording to Barry Snow its common for the AP Friction plates to do this. I Am now running an Exedy Sport Clutch instead. The pedel feel is loads better than the AP Clutch to!!

August 16 2006

Fit the HKS Induction kit in readyness for the front mount intercooler

September 15 2006

Fit the Hybrid intercooler!! Big job for me but well worth it.

March 2 2007

Broken 4th Gearbox!! Sounds like diff bearings this time. Its still running but sounds like its eating its self alive

March 30 2007

After the slow death of my current gearbox i decided it was about time i spent out on somthing stronger. I Managed to find a low mileage STi 5 Type R (MY 1998) gearbox with DCCD. After some research i decided to buy it and buy a Neetronics DCCD controller

!!!!!Subaru pic here!!!!!

April 22 2007

Had fun fitting the Neetronics DCCD controller in readyness for Calbourne Garrage to fit the gearbox and diff

April 30 2007

Barry fitted the gearbox, rear hubs/brakes and R180. After much messing around with the dccd we decided there was an issue with the diff. It was sent to API for inspection. They said it had plates missing and would need replacing. Once the new R180 diff was in the DCCD worked perfectly. Well chuffed!

October 23 2007

Disaster The engine finally gave up the ghost. After 110,000 miles and a thrashing every day the engine decided it was a good time to crack a piston and the block. Back to the drawing board.